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LAPTOP REPAIR Moreton Bay, Queensland. Laptop repair Deception Bay

Deception Bay is a suburb in the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia. It is located approximately 20km north of the Brisbane central business district. The suburbs that bound Deception Bay are Burpengary, Burpengary East, Rothwell, North Lakes, and Narangba. Deception Bay is also bounded by Moreton Bay.

The suburb takes its name from a small bay located towards the west of Moreton Bay, north of the Redcliffe Peninsula, and south of Pumicestone Passage. Lt John Oxley originally named the bay Pumice Stone River when he mistook the bay for a river. He later changed it to Deception Bay.

In 1978, the Deception Bay public library was opened. Deception Bay State High School, Moreton Downs State School, and Christ the King Catholic Primary School are the schools within the suburb. The suburb has one heritage listing: Deception Bay Sea Baths.


Moreton Bay Computer Repairs performs laptop repairs on all major brands including: HP, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Samsung, Acer, Sony VAIO, ASUS, Lenovo, Toshiba and most other brands. We can take care of any problems in regards to laptop repairs be it software, hardware or data related.

Moreton Bay Computer Repairs provides Fast Laptop repair service in Deception Bay

  • Data Recovery
  • Emergency Services
  • Free Diagnostics

  • Keyboard Repair
  • Water Damage
  • Retina screen repair 13′ 15′

  • Monitor Screen
  • Hard Drive Repair
  • Battery and RAM upgrade

So whether it be a faulty or broken laptop LCD screen, keyboard, touch pad, wireless adapter or DC jack, we can fix it! Your laptop is experiencing problems with detecting devices, you are infected with spyware or viruses or your laptop is just slow or is getting error messages on screen, we can fix it! Your laptop has reached the end of its life or has just died and you need your data retrieved, we can help you!
Moreton Bay Computer Repairs can perform any of the hardware and software tasks that you require, typically at a lower cost than the area computer chain-stores can offer.


  • Delete unwanted files
  • Delete hidden junk files
  • Remove unwanted programs
  • Defrag to speed up your laptop

  • Check and upgrade RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • Disk CleanUp
  • Update programs regularly

  • Close programs not in use
  • Call a technician for help
  • Maybe it is time for a new laptop

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Laptop Repair Services

We know that laptop repair problems come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever laptop problem you need fixed, we can help! Check out our services to find more information of exactly the kind of computer repair service you’re looking for, or fill out our quote form and one of our trained managers will be happy to help!

Battery Replacement

Laptop can't hold charge

Data Recovery

Retrieve missing files

Fan Replacement

Overheating or noisy fan

HDD Replacement

Or upgrade to an SSD

Keyboard Replacement

Swap out for a new keyboard

Liquid Damage Repair

Best cleaning techniques

Memory Upgrade

Get more RAM

Motherboard Repair

Soldering or replacement

Physical Damage

Broken hinges, palmrests, etc.

Power Jack Repair

Laptop has trouble charging


Cures software issues

Screen Replacement

Swap out your cracked screen

Virus Removal

Removes malware & spyware

Wi-Fi Card Repair

Connect to Wi-Fi again

SSD Upgrade

Speed up your laptop

Servicing the following streets in Deception Bay

Aberfoyle Drive Acacia Street Admiral Drive Agnes Court
Airlie Avenue Alexandra Court Alkina Court Alleena Avenue
Allunga Court Andrea Court Andrew Avenue Anembo Court
Anita Avenue Anna Lane Annabel Place Ansell Avenue
Anthony Court Antigua Crescent Aratara Court Arina Place
Aster Street Awaba Court Azalea Street Bailey Road
Balmoral Place Bancroft Terrace Banks Entrance Barbados Boulevard
Barbara Court Barculdie Crescent Bateman Street Bay Avenue
Baybreeze Close Baylink Avenue Bayoya Court Bayview Terrace
Beach Road Beaufort Place Beilby Place Bermuda Avenue
Billabong Place Binnacle Street Bisschop Street Bittern Court
Blue Pacific Road Bonton Avenue Botany Street Boundary Road
Bowden Street Brady Court Bramble Crescent Breakwater Court
Breakwater Court Brendan Court Brentwood Court Bridecroft Court
Brisbane Crescent Bronwyn Court Bronzewing Crescent Bucknor Drive
Bundaberg Street Cairns Crescent Caitlin Court Calca Court
Camay Court Camilla Court Canna Street Captain Cook Parade
Caribbean Court Carter Court Cathcart Street Caval Crescent
Central Avenue Chaman Street Charles Court Clair Avenue
Claverton Drive Clerke Street Cliffdale Avenue Clough Court
Cockatiel Court Coman Street Coman Street N Commander Street
Cooee Court Cooktown Court Coolac Court Cooroy Crescent
Cork Street Cornelius Court Cornwall Street Creek Road
Crew Street Cross Street Cunningham Street Dala Court
Davies Court Dawn Street Deborah Court Denise Street/td>
Deception Bay Road Delfino Court Delmar Street Delvene Court
Destal Street Diamondcrest Avenue Diane Court Dolphin Street
Doman Court Donowain Drive Driftwood Lane Drillham Court
Duncan Court Dune Court Dunstan Drive Elaine Court
Eleta Street Elizabeth Street Elle Place Elna Court
Embassy Street Emerald Avenue Emily Court Emma Place
Endeavour Street Ernest Court Esplanade Esplanade S
Ethel Street Eveshan Road Ewart Street Felicity Court
Fern Street Finch Court Finnegan Boulevard Flanagan Street
Flegg Street Flinders Parade Fredan Road Galleon Court
Gareth Court George Street Gladstone Court Gloria Court
Goodall Drive Government Street Government Street Greenway Place
Greenwood Place Gregory Avenue Grosvenor Terrace Halyard Court
Harriet Place Havana Street Headland Place Heather Crescent
Herberton Court Hermans Court Hicks Street Higgs Street
Holborn Street Holloway Court Hope Place Hughendon Court
Hughes Street Huntington Court Ilonka Street Imboon Street
Isabella Court Isis Street Jacqueline Court Jamaica Drive
Jan Street Janelle Court Janison Court Jason Street
Jesse Court Jewellan Drive Jimna Court Joan Street
Joseph Crescent Julian Court Jumbuck Street Kabi Circuit
Kate Avenue Katina Court Kerr Crescent Kerwalli Street
Kevin Street King Street Kingfish Street Kippah Street
Kittani Court Kooyalee Street Krause Street Kullaroo Court
Lanham Road Lawnhill Avenue Lazzarini Place Leandi Drive
Leigh Street Lenore Court Leonie Street Leyland Avenue
Lieutenant Street Lillian Place Lipscombe Road Lisa Street
Little Street Lobelia Street Lockyer Parade Logan Terrace
Lorelei Court Louisa Court Lucinda Court Lydia Court
Lynette Court Macarthur Crescent Macarthur Crescent Maine Terrace
Major Street Mana Court Marcus Court Marine Lane
Mariner Boulevard Marlin Street Mary Leigh Street May Street
Melanie Court Melanie Court Miller Street Miner Court
Mirrabook Street Mizzen Place Monarch Drive Monique Court
Moorak Road Moore Street Moreton Downs Drive Morgan Court
Murray Drive Nadine Place Nalbo Court Nambour Court
Nancy Court Natalie Close Natasha Court Nellie Court
Noellan Drive North Ridge Circuit Nowak Court Old Bay Road
Olive Street Orchid Drive Osborne Terrace Oxley Street
Oyster Court Palmridge Court Pamphlett Place Pania Court
Parakeet Court Parakeet Court Park Road Parrot Court
Parsons Boulevard Pauline Court Peachester Court Penelope Place
Peta Street Phillip Parade Pidgeon Drive Plant Street
Pomona Court Porpoise Parade Port Street Priests Road
Prion Court Rainbow Street Rayleigh Street Raymond Terrace
Richard Court Robyn Close Rochelle Place Roderick Street
Rogers Street Rosella Court Saint George Court Saint Lucia Court
Saint Martin Court Saint Thomas Court Samantha Court Sampson Street
Sandman Court Sandpebble Court Sandra Court Sarah Court
Seabreeze Circuit Seagull Court Seashell Drive Seaview Parade
Selina Court Seymour Street Shalom Court Shayne Avenue
Shearwater Court Silver Street Simon Street Sinnott Street
Sirene Crescent Sirene Crescent Somerset Drive Sparrow Court
Spencer Avenue Spring Street Stamp Street Stint Court
Summer Street Surrey Court Swagman Drive Tallagon Court
Tallowood Drive Tamara Place Thompson Street Tolley Street
Topaz Court Tortuga Street Townsville Crescent Trinidad Terrace
Tunderun Court Tyler Place Tysoe Street Union Street
Upper Holborn Street Upper Union Street Valentine Circuit Vanda Place
Victoria Avenue Vincent Court Wagtail Drive Wallin Avenue
Warren Crescent Warroo Drive Water Street Webster Road
Whale Street Windlass Street Windsor Place Wren Court
Wrybourne Street Yallatup Street Yallatup Street Zamia Court
Zammit Street Zoe Place
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