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Caboolture is a town and a suburb in Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia. The other suburbs surrounding Caboolture are Caboolture South, Upper Caboolture, Belmere, Moodlu, Elimbah, Beachmere, and Ningi. 

The suburb is located on the north side of the Caboolture River which separates the town from Morayfield and Caboolture South. The suburb is an urban centre or satellite city approximately 44km north of Brisbane and is also considered to be the northernmost urban area of the greater Brisbane metropolitan region within South East Queensland. 

It also marks the end of the Brisbane suburban commuter railway service along the North Coast railway line. With the suburbs connections across the Great Dividing Range through the D’Aguilar Highway, its convenient access to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast via the Bruce Highway, and the Bribie Island Road to Bribie Island, the suburb is deemed as a regional transport hub and a focal point for road traffic.

Apple Mac, iMac and Macbook Repairs in Caboolture.

We specialize on advance chip level logic board repair and GPU repair. We fix more than 30 MacBooks per week. Repair takes few days unless we need to order parts. Keep your wallet happy and your MacBook too.

Moreton Bay Computer Repairs provides Fast Apple MackBook Pro Repair Service in Caboolture

  • Data Recovery
  • Emergency Services
  • Free Diagnostics

  • Keyboard Repair
  • Water Damange
  • Retina screen repair 13′ 15′
  • Battery and RAM upgrade

Not to mention, our success rate is incredibly high. If your MacBook experiences any of those issues, we can help. We perform BGA chips replacement, touchpad repair, trace repair, liquid damage repair, charging port repair, internal short repair.. If it’s fixable we can do it.
Moreton Bay Computer Repairs can perform any of the hardware and software tasks that you require, typically at a lower cost than the area computer chain-stores can offer.


  • PowerMac G5
  • Cinema Display
  • PowerBook G4 12in 15in 17in
  • PowerMac G4 Quicksilver
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook
  • iMac Pro
  • iMac 17in 20in 24in 27in
  • MacBook White
  • iMac G4 15in 17in 20i
  • MacBook Pro 13.3in 15in 17in
  • MacBook Pro
  • Mac mini
  • Mac Pro
  • MacBook Pro retina
  • iMac Aluminum 20in or 24in
  • iBook G4 12in 14in
  • MacBook Air 11 inch & 13 inch
  • iMac
  • iMac with Retina display
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Fix start-up/freezing

Mac,MacBook Pro ,MacBook Air,iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Mini​

Now Power Fix

Mac,MacBook Pro ,MacBook Air,iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Mini

Screen Replacement

Mac,MacBook Pro ,MacBook Air,iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Mini

Spill Damage Repair

Mac,MacBook Pro ,MacBook Air,iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Mini​

Hard Drive Replacement

Mac,MacBook Pro ,MacBook Air,iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Mini

RAM/Memory Upgrade

Mac,MacBook Pro ,MacBook Air,iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Mini

DVD/CD Drive Replacemente

Mac,MacBook Pro ,MacBook Air,iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Mini​

Password Reset

Mac,MacBook Pro ,MacBook Air,iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Mini

Key Board Replacement

Mac,MacBook Pro ,MacBook Air,iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Mini

Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs and Mac Repairs in Caboolture Area

PowerMac G5

Cinema Display

PowerBook G4 12in 15in 17in

PowerMac G4 Quicksilver

iMac 17in 20in 24in 27in

MacBook White

iMac G4 15in 17in 20in

MacBook Pro 13.3in 15in 17in

MacBook Pro Retina

iMac Aluminum 20in or 24in

iBook G4 12in 14in

MacBook Air 11 inch & 13 inch

Mac Repairs

We love Apple and the fantastic products they create and we pride ourselves in being experts at fixing all things Mac. Stop in for an affordable, speedy reliable Mac repair service in Caboolture. You can call up or fill in a form and we will get back to you with a quote with how much it would be. Sometimes we may need to look at the computer which involves opening it up, so we usually have a 1 hour minimum charge for this. If you prefer to have an Caboolture Mac repair technician come to you, contact us to schedule a same-day service where possible – especially if you are a business and need your machine up and running ASAP.

Here are some real customer scenarios:

My Mac is so slow.

Slow boot up and constant pinwheeling could indicate a problem with your Mac. At Moreton Bay Computer Repairs we try to fix problems as quickly as we can and operate 7 days a week from early to late we know that time is of the essence and we get that. Your Mac needs help and we want to fix it right away for you.

My MacBook doesn’t turn on.

We’ll be happy to provide a free on-the-spot diagnostic for all power-related issues. We are able to directly repair the logic board and perform part replacements to help get you back up and running. Just need an adapter? We sell those too.

I just spilled water on my MacBook Air. Can you help?

Moreton Bay Computer Help routinely performs Mac spill clean repairs and is able to save you hundreds of dollars by directly removing the spill damage. Further, data recovery is one of our specialties if you simply need your stuff back.

My iMac needs a repair.

Can you come to my home or office? Moreton Bay Computer Repairs has a 3 member tech team that will be able to assist you usually on the same day where available – from the Sunshine Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Brisbane, Redland Bay, Brisbane and of course Caboolture.

I need to upgrade my MacBook.

You want to extend the life of your MacBook and we’re here to help achieve that, regardless of its age. At Moreton Bay Computer Help, we are service-focused and will do everything in our power to repair, upgrade, and save your precious MacBook.

Do you work on older vintage Apple products?

Apple products are typically very well made and retain their value for years longer than other computer manufacturers. As such, we are happy to service your vintage Apple products and breathe new life into them!

Are you Apple certified?

We are not apple certified however our technicians have many year experiencing in fixing Apple Computers including MacBook, iMac, mac mini, and other Apple repairs. Typically if an Apple computer is within warranty we direct the customers back to Apple to fix it under warranty however the majority of our customers come to us when they are outside of warranty or when Apple themselves recommend our company.

Common Mac Problems we assist with

Fix start-up / freezing MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
No power fix MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Screen replacement MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac
Spill damage repair MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
Hard drive replacement / ugrade / clone MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
RAM / memory upgrade MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
DVD / CD drive replacement MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Password reset MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Keyboard replacement MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
Touchpad / trackpad replacement MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
Top case replacement MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
Hinge replacement MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
Battery replacement MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
Power adapter replacement MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
Jack / DC-In board replacement MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
Logic board replacement / Logic board repair MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Install Windows on Mac MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Windows / Mac virus removal MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Mac won’t boot MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Set up new Mac MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Email and Internet Mac repair MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Mac upgrade MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Mac physical damage repair MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Apple software support MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini
Data Recovery MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini

Servicing the following streets in Caboolture

Abbey Road Abbeygrace Court Abbott Close Adrian Street
Aerodrome Road Afton Street Alcock Road Aleiyah Street
Alison Street Allan Court Altomo Place Alzino Court
Amberton Street Amethyst Court Anastasia Court Anderson Street
Angel Street Angus Crescent Ann Maree Drive Annie Street
Anstey Court Anzac Avenue Appaloosa Close Archer Street
Ardrossan Road Argyll Street Armstrong Way Arthur Street
Ascot Street Ashburton Court Ashleigh Street Aster Court
Atfield Street Atherton Road Atkins Court Auclair Street
Aurora Court Auster Court Backo Court Balkee Drive
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Basalt Street Battersby Street Baxter Crescent Beerburrum Road
Beereegan Court Begonia Court Belcher Street Bellmere Road
Bellview Street Benara Court Benson Court Berkeley Court
Bertha Street Beverley Way Billy Avenue Bluebell Street
Bluestar Circuit Blunt Street Boden Road Boeing Place
Border Street Bothwell Place Bottlebrush Court Boustead Street
Boyland Street Boyle Street Braces Place Bradman Street
Brae Court Branch Street Bratchford Crescent Breadsell Drive
Breeze Court Bribie Island Road Bribie Island Road Briggs Drive
Bright Court Broadway Court Brown Street Bruce Highway
Bulloo Street Burgess Street Burnett Road Bury Street
Cadaga Place Cade Lane Calume Court Camden Street
Candle Crescent Canon Court Cardinal Circuit Carmody Crescent
Carseldine Street Cassandra Close Cassidy Street Cassowary Court
Castle Court Catalina Street Cathy Court Cayenne Road
Centaur Circle Central Lakes Drive Cessna Drive Cessnock Court
Challenor Street Charles Street Child Road Childs Street
Choir Court Christine Street Churchill Street Cleardale Close
Clearwater Crescent Cleary Street Clover Crescent Cockatoo Court
College Court Commercial Drive Concorde Place Condamine Street
Conescu Court Connie Drive Connor Crescent Conondale Avenue
Considen Court Conte Street Convent Court Cox Street
Cottrill Road Coventry Place Cowie Street Craigslea Drive
Crawford Street Creswick Court Crooks Street Crown Street
Cullagh Street Currie Court Cutler Street Cutten Street
Daguilar Highway Dahlia Crescent Daisy Avenue Dakota Court
Dalkeith Street Dances Road Darcie Lane Darlington Court
Davison Street Dawson Street Del Rosso Road Dell Court
Dennis Street Dewar Court Diamond Street Dianne Court
Donald Crescent Dot Newman Court Dowling Court Drayton Court
Dudgeon Street Duffield Crescent Duncan Street Dundas Close
Dusk Street Dux Street East Street Edward Street
El Alamein Court Elizabeth Street Elliott Street Elof Road
Elva Street Emu Road Esme Avenue Evie Street
Fairway Court Faith Court Fareham Court Fazey Close
Fenton Court Fernlea Court Ferris Street Floral Drive
Florey Street Flowers Road Francis Street Frangipani Drive
Freda Court Freney Court Fuller Place Gallipoli Drive
Gardenia Street Gardens Court Garnet Crescent Geary Court
Geeves Street Gemini Crescent Geoffrey Street George Street
Georgia Lane Gerald Court Gilbert Street Gizelle Street
Gladioli Court Glady Avenue Glasshouse Street Glendale Street
Golden Drive Goshawk Court Graham Court Granger Street
Granite Street Grigor Street Grout Street Guardian Court
Hagars Street Hammond Road Hancock Street Hanson Street
Harald Court Harkin Street Harrier Court Harrow Court
Hasking Street Hayden Street Hayes Street Hazelwood Court
Healy Street Heath Court Heath Street Heathbrook Court
Helen Street Henschke Court Henzell Road Herd Street
Hickey Road Hidden Grove Hillcrest Avenue Hodgskin Street
Hoffman Court Honeyflower Place Honeysuckle Street Hook Court
Hoop Pine Court Hope Court Hopkins Chase Horne Street
Humphreys Place Hymn Court Ibis Court Industry Drive
Jacinda Court Jacques Close Jade Street James Street
Jan Court Jarrahdale Terrace Jazz Court Jeita Circuit
Jemm Court Jennifer Court Jensen Road Jive Court
Joanne Street Jocelyn Street Joe Crescent Johnson Street
Jones Court Jordan Court Josephine Court Joshua Court
Joyner Circuit Jubilee Street Jull Street June Court
Kakoda Way Kalunda Drive Kanimbla Court Kapyong Crescent
Kapyong Road Karri Close Katherine Street Keast Street
Kello Court Kemp Street Kennedy Street Kent Street
Kerswell Street Kiara Close Kilto Court King John Drive
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Kite Court Kleo Court Lagoon Street Laguna Place
Lanaghan Court Lang Street Larkin Court Lasek Court
Last Post Road Lavender Court Lawrence Street Lawrie Court
Lawson Street Leahy Road Lear Jet Drive Lee Street
Leishman Road Lemon Grove Lemonade Court Lesley Avenue
Lethem Street Lewis Street Lillee Crescent Lily Close
Limburg Avenue Lindner Street Lindwall Street Linwood Court
Lloyd Street Long Tan Close Long Tan Drive Lotusbird Court
Lower King Street Luke Street Lychee Drive Lynanda Court
Lyndhurst Terrace Lynfield Drive Machinery Parade Mackay Street
Magnolia Court Maher Street Mahogany Drive Male Road
Manley Street Manse Street Mareli Street Margaret Street
Marigold Street Markwell Road Marsellos Court Martin Street
Mary Street Matthew Terrace Mayes Circuit Mcandrew Street
Mccallum Street Mccool Street Mccorley Court Mcginn Court
Mcgrath Road Mckavanagh Street Mckean Street Mcmillan Street
Mcnabb Street Mcnaught Road Mcpherson Street Meadow Street
Meghan Court Melaleuca Street Meninga Court Merino Street
Mewett Street Miles Street Milfull Court Mill Road
Miller Street Mitchell Street Moonlight Crescent Moorhead Street
Morayfield Road Morgan Court Morningview Drive Morrow Street
Mortimer Street Moses Court Mugana Court Namatjira Court
Nash Court Neil Street Newman Street Nogoa Street
Norman Street Nursery Road Oakleigh Street Odempsey Place
Old Gympie Road Old Road Old Toorbul Point Road Oneill Street
Opal Court Osprey Court Par Court Parish Road
Park Street Parkway Crescent Pasturage Road Paulsen Street
Payne Street Pearl Crescent Petaluma Street Peter Rash Court
Peters Drive Petrel Court Pettigrew Street Piper Street
Platinum Road Poole Court Porter Road Price Lane
Primrose Street Priory Close Pumicestone Road Quartz Road
Racemosa Street Railway Parade Ralston Street Rarity Street
Reddy Drive Reibelt Drive Reichman Street Remy Court
Reserve Drive Rialto Street Riccardo Street Richard Street
Riles Court Riparian Court Ritchie Street Riverlilly Crescent
Riverview Street Rogers Crescent Rogers Crescent Room Court
Roseby Road Rowe Street Ruby Street Rumba Street
Russell Street Ruth Street Sabin Street Saint Columbans Court
Saint Road Salote Court Salsa Street Sauvage Street
Scarborough Road Schiffke Court Schipper Court Schofield Circuit
Scribbly Gum Circuit Seeney Street Semple Lane Shak Street
Shakespeare Court Shell Street Shew Court Shirley Street
Short Street Silica Street Simmons Street Simone Court
Sims Street Skyreach Street Smiths Road Sourris Court
Spire Street Spitfire Court Spratt Road Spring Lane
Stan Street Stardust Court Station Street Stopford Street
Strathvale Court Stringfellow Road Summerfields Drive Suncrest Court
Sunnymeade Drive Tallon Street Tango Street Tanunda Court
Taylor Court Teniel Lane Testa Street The Abbey Place
The Esplanade Thor Court Thorson Street Tiffany Court
Tilley Court Tinsey Court Tobruk Way Todd Court
Tomlinson Road Toohey Street Toovey Street Topaz Street
Tower Court Trumper Street Tucker Street Tullawong Drive
Turner Court Twilight Court Urban Road Valesini Court
Valley Drive Van Beelen Street Verona Court Victoria Street
Vievers Street View Street Wallace Street N Wallace Street S
Walter Street Wararba Crescent Warner Street Water Fern Drive
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Weeloo Street Wendy Crescent Wharf Street Whish Street
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Winterbrook Court Wirraway Street Wodhams Road Wormwell Court
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